A great birthday present – fly fishing in Baja Mexico

Baja fly fishing update and report for September 28th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 73 / 86
Air Temperature – 71 /92

p1010737.JPGp1010725.JPG p1010727.JPG
Above is Kevin Kynerd and his wife Meredith from Birmingham Alabama.  They are showing off just a few of the Rooster fish and Dorado they caught while spending Kevin’s birthday fly fishing with me this past week.

Weather –  We continue to see bright sunny skies and warm temperatures here in Baja.  We have had flat seas and very little wind over the past few days.  The over night low’s are starting to drop slightly and our day time high’s are still quite warm.  With no rain in sight for the next few days the weather here in Baja should remain very pleasant.

Beach – The fly fishing from the beach continues to be good for small to medium size rooster fish.  We have bait scattered along most of the beaches with the largest concentration just South of Rancho Leonero.  If you find the bait you will find the fish as the fish will be pushing the bait toward the shore in order to trap them.

Inshore – I spent three days this past week fishing with Kevin Kynerd and his wife Meredith.  Kevin celebrated his birthday fly fishing with me.  Kevin wanted to catch Rooster fish and we sure did.  Kevin and Meredith caught a good number of them and are already coming back next year to chase some more.  Along with the Rooster fish we have excellent fishing for lady fish and Pompano in front of all the hotels.  We also have giant squid inshore and most of the boats are getting a couple to use for bait while fishing for Tuna.

Off Shore – The excellent fishing we have been experiencing over the past few weeks slowed this week.  The numbers of Dorado and Tuna have seemed to thin out and the ones that are being found have moved South past Los Frailes with the best action down in the area of Punta Gorda.  Most of the Dorado are being found close to shore and the tuna further offshore.  The fish of the week offshore was Sailfish.  We still have plenty of them in the area and they are being found between five and fifteen miles out.  We also have some stripe marlin and blue marlin.  I did also hear a report of a school of Porpoise being found straight out from La Ribera and it held some bigger Tuna.  Some of the Tuna were reported to be over one hundred pounds.