A great day of fly fishing in Baja Mexico

Baja fly fishing update and report for September 4th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 87
Air Temperature – 74 /96

p1010657.JPGThis is Jim Schmidt form San Diego California showing off a nice Gaff top sail Pompano he caught while fishing with me one day this past week.  Jim was new to the salt water with a fly rod and caught several Pompano as well as a few Jacks.


The above photos are of Aaron Bertagnolli and Chris Currah from Lander Wyoming.  Chris and Aaron spent a day with me on the beach and Aaron caught a nice pargo shown above.  The real story was our day together yesterday on the panga.  Yesterday Chris and Aaron caught over a dozen Dorado along with a few Bonita and a Rooster fish but the big story of the day was Chris hooking and landing the stripe Marlin(pictured above) while fishing a 10wt rod and straight 20lb leader.  The Marlin was about 80lbs. The small stripe Marlin ate a little deceiver fly that we were using to catch Dorado.  This is the first experience ether of them has ever had fly fishing in salt water.  They say that after this experience fishing for trout at home will not quite be the same.

Weather – The weather over the past few days has been typical for this time of year with lot’s of sunshine and hot.  We have not seen any rain the past few days although their have bee a few showers in the mountains on some afternoons but nothing reaching us. For a few days this week the seas were a little different with big swells rolling through the area.  These swells were been between two and four feet but were very far apart not causing any problems for the boats or the anglers.  We also had a strong current running from North to South the past few days making it slightly bumpy where the swells coming from the South ran in to the current.  As of yesterday the swells had dissipated considerably and the current has slowed giving us excellent seas once again.

Beach – The beach continues to fish fair with a good number of small Rooster fish  working the bait that is along most of the beaches in the area.  We continue to see a few Pompano and lady fish and some Crevelle mixed in as well.  As far as larger Rooster fish we do have some in the area so if you find a good pod of bait it is worth staying with it as the smaller rooster fish as well as the occasional big one have been working these bait balls.  The needle fish in the area seem to be dwindling but they are still making a presence along the beaches.

Inshore – Not much to report inshore as the off shore fishing has been the place to be.  Not many boats fishing the inshore.  I did hear that in front of La Ribera continues to hold big Pargo as reported last week.

Off Shore – The off shore fishing continues to be fantastic.  We seem to have Dorado everywhere especially off of Cabo Pulmo and they have been very cooperative with the anglers this week.  A lot of these Dorado have been small to medium size fish with most of them being between eight and fifteen pounds but we have bigger fish up to forty pounds mixed in.

The great bite for the yellow fin Tuna over the past several weeks continues to be good although it has dropped off slightly from what we have been experiencing over the past several weeks.  With that said. We are starting to see some bigger yellow fin in the area mixed in with the football size tuna.  I know of quite a few tuna that were caught this week between twenty and forty pounds and I heard a report of one yellow fin being caught that was pushing one hundred pounds.

We also continue to see plenty of bill fish action in the area.  We have a high number of Sail fish in the area as well as both stripe and Blue Marlin.  Most of the action has been for Sailfish as they are the highest concentration of bill fish we have in the area.  The boats that have been targeting bill fish have reported raising enough fish to make it interesting for the angler that wants to get one on a fly.