A great week of fly fishing for Rooster fish in Baja

Baja fly fishing update and report for the week of July 14th- 21st 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 87
Air Temperature – 75 /98

John Caldwell with his first ever Rooster fish

Russ Kudile with a nice Rooster


The photos above are of Ted Vickerman and his friends showing off a couple of Rooster fish.

Weather – This past week we saw a little wind on some days and a lot of sunshine on most. We did have a thunderstorm cell come across us on Friday and giving us some very heavy winds and rain for most of the morning keeping all the boats from launching. The storm passed leaving a few of the arroyo’s running and a few palm leaves to be picked up but on Saturday morning we were back to bright sun and hot temperatures.

Beach – This past week the beach continued to provide a good number of smaller Rooster fish along with Lady fish and even a few Pompano mixed in. If you are in the right place at the right time we have a few nice big schools of jack Crevelle cruising up and down as well chasing the sardines and ballyhoo we have scattered throughout the area. Friday’s rain caused the water to become dirty making fishing from the beach on Saturday not really an option. By Sunday the water had cleared along the beach in most places with a few places still being slightly off color.

Inshore – We continue to see good Rooster fish action inshore. The fish are scattered with quite a few fish being found to the North. The action has been very good for the anglers who have been trolling bait looking for big Rooster fish. I know of three roosters caught on bait this week and the smallest was sixty pounds.

Off Shore – Fishing off shore was very good this past week with great catches of Tuna, Marlin, Sail fish, and Dorado. The Tuna have been the big story with most of the boats fishing in the area of Cabo Pulmo. We have had high numbers of Marlin and Sail fish in this area as well. Most of the Marlin are strip Marlin but we still have a good number of Blue marlin in the area as well. The Dorado fishing has been good as well. The local Dorado tournament was held this past Saturday and the winning Dorado was 64lbs. We should continue to see good fishing off shore over the next few weeks so if you want to do some blue water fishing on the fly now is the time.