Amazing Fishing! Cooler Water and Sardina.

Date 10/1/14


Hi – 91

Low – 71 

Humidity – 80%

 Hi folks,

 Since my last report I am happy to announce we have received power in the area and it’s wonderful. Things here in the East Cape continue to get better.  Alaska airlines has announced that it will start to fly one commercial flight a day from LA. to San Jose del Cabo beginning October 8th.  This is great news as our clients this past week have had to get to us via La Paz.  If you prefer to fly into LA Paz you certainly can as well.  It is great to see the airport in San Jose del Cabo accepting flights this early as it was rumored it might be much longer. 

Marlin nov 3 

As I said, things here in the East Cape are running normally and now that our clients are able to reach us via the San Jose airport that’s a big bonus. All local businesses are open in the area as well as the hotels.  The bank is open and the ATM is fully functioning.  The stores are all stocked and open and gas is readily available at all the locations which is great for fishing.  I am sitting here trying to think of one business that is not up and running here in Los Barillies that was effected by the storm and I can’t think of one.  Currently the fishing is absolutely awesome!! Business is are up and running and the area is fishing very well.

December 2 

The past couple of storms dropped the water temperature down from the excessively high temperatures we were experiencing due to El Niño. The cooler water temps are normal for this time of year which has helped the fishing tremendously.  We have had blue bird skies and very little wind making for some fantastic days on the water this past week.

 Also, I have been out on the beach as well as in the boat over the course of this past week and the fishing on the beach and inshore is some of the best I’ve seen all year.  Along the beach, we have plenty of bait and with that the fish are here and hungry!  I have had numerous shots at Rooster fish as well as a few jack, plus you can hardly keep the lady fish off your fly.  We have also seen a pretty decent bite in the early morning for some Sierra chasing sardine.

marlin 2 nov 3

 Out of the boats we currently have some excellent fly fishing opportunities for Dorado, tuna, skip jack, as well as sail fish and a few marlin.  The fish are scattered throughout the area but we have found very good numbers of dorado around the floating logs and debris from the storm. Most of the dorado have been in the medium class with a few very big fish mixed in.  Once we find a piece of debris we will throw a few Sardina and see if anyone is home. If so, we have been tossing a couple more followed by our flies.  Most stops have not disappointed!  As we are moving between the different areas looking for structure and debris we have been trolling a small feather, or a lure and getting some great strikes from dorado as well.  Almost all of these fish have had at least one other fish with them if not several for us to cast our flies to which has been very exciting.  

December 3 Marlin june11 

Do not get me wrong. We don’t only have dorado around and the fly fishing for yellow fin tuna and skip jack tuna that we experienced before the storm continues to produce.  We are finding tuna both over deep water structure, over the high spots and with porpoise.  We are seeing a few more porpoise schools now that the water has cooled a bit as well.

 As a lot of you know the fall is a time frame where we see some of our best fly fishing for bill fish.  We currently have a lot of sail fish in the area and they are willing to take the fly, plus we also are seeing a few more striped marlin move in with the cooler water. Our best action for marlin will be in later October and November.  The Reel Baja will be running our ” Fly Fishing for Marlin 101″ schools over in Magdalena Bay starting the first week of November. We will then run the package through the second week of December. The Reel Baja does still have a few openings for this awesome experience so please call or email for information.  Currently we are offering a “live aboard” package based on double occupancy of $3,200.00 per person for a three and a half day trip.  This trip is like no other and you will truly experience some incredible fishing. We are staying out on the boat and that allows us to stay on the fish!  This means you are able to fish from sun up to sun down if you wish.  We have even fished in the middle of the night in the past as well.  You should see the dorado congregate under the boat at night as they are attracted to all the bait and lights from the boat.  Please remember this price includes all flies, rods, reels, meals, and drinks.  If you have ever wanted to catch a marlin on the fly, then this is your trip. This fall is shaping up to be one of the best we have seen in the past couple years for marlin.  Again, the trip is based on marlin, but we will be targeting plenty of other species as well, like dorado, wahoo, and tuna.  

Jeff 1 

Magdalena bay also has a mangrove fishery which is very exciting to fish.  If that is more your style then please let us know.  Some of the species you can catch in the mangroves are snook, leopard grouper, broom tail grouper, pargo, spotted bay bass and that’s just a start.  You want to combine the two trips?  No problem.  We can do that.  If this unique and amazing fishery is of interest to you, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

 Here at home in the East Cape I am offering an October special as well. Pay for two guide days and get the third free.  I am offering this package regardless of the type of trip and this applies to both the beach and the boat.  You can also do a mixture if you want.  Please remember that rods, reels, and flies are included if needed at no extra charge. 

Once again things here in the East Cape portion of Southern Baja are excellent.  We have full facilities up and running and the fishing is outstanding.  If you would like to come down during the month of October and take advantage of your guide fee special, or if you are interested in our live aboard Magdalena bay adventures please give us a call.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to fishing with everyone this season. The early morning bite this morning was really good and I will be head out again this evening. This time of year we have beautiful sunsets, so even if I don’t catch anything it will be an amazing sunset.

Tight lines,