Amazing Spring Fly Fishing in East Cape.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 60
High: 84

Week of April 2nd.

Hi All,

The fishing has been nothing short of fantastic in one way or another. Right now we have the inshore, offshore and beaches all fishing well.


On the east cape we are seeing fewer windy days and the main bite has to be marlin. The last few weeks of March have been incredible for marlin. Last week in one day we raised 13 marlin and landed 5 and we had a blast.


However, right off the beach at Rancho Leonero we are catching African pompano with grande roosters and jacks in the mix as well! At first light there is a very solid sierra bite, but you must be on the water before day break. As the wind drops off we will see more jacks and roosters on the beaches,but for now there is definitely enough fish to keep it interesting.


Lapaz has been fishing well and there are some great snapper and pargo on the inshore,plus a nice dorado bite off the island. There are no sardines yet, but  hopefully soon some tuna will show up with the warmer water conditions.

IMG_7608Good Report Photos IMG_7660Good Report Photos

Fishing is only going to get better as the sardines show up and the wind dropps off as we hit the beaches sight fishing roosters and jacks and Grande rooster season is here.  If anyone has questions please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss availability.

Tight lines,