Baja Fishing Report – April 4

Yellowtail continue to dominate in the East Cape

Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report for East Cape, Cabo San Lucas, and Magdalena Bay for the week ending April 4th 2021

Hello everyone,

This past week the water temps remain on the cool side in the East Cape. They did however rise slightly as we had less wind and warmer weather. This bump in water temps increased the action for the yellowtail in the area. We have had great fly fishing for yellowtail all spring and the action continues to remain strong.

The best action for catching yellowtail on fly remains to our North at the southern tip of Ceralvo island. There are plenty of sardines in this area and the fish are in shallow water. These two factors are providing great opportunities for catching them on the fly.

A little closer to home we continue to see good action for yellowtail in the area of La Capilla but these fish are in deep water and not reachable for the fly fishing angler in most cases.  The East Cape is also starting to see good action for other species as well. This past week we have seen decent fly fishing for Marlin just off the lighthouse between 4 and 7 miles. The marlin are fairly willing to chase teasers and as the waters continue to warm we should see more marlin in the area that are willing to provide action.

A little closer to shore we are starting to see some decent schools of Bonita as well as Jacks. We didn’t see many roosters this week but again as the water warms up and the bait numbers increase I’m sure they will make their appearance.

Along the beaches in the East Cape, I spent a couple of days patrolling them with guests and although the action was slow we did manage to see a couple of roosters but they were very sluggish and nonresponsive as the water was still cold and hovering around 70 degrees in most places.

On the Pacific side out of Cabo San Lucas, the fly fishing has been very consistent. We are seeing good schools of jacks as well as a few rooster fish mixed in. The fly fishing for Sierra also continues to be very good with good numbers and fish and good size being caught.  Fly fishing for snapper is picking up as well and providing fun action when you find them.

The mangroves in Magdalena Bay are producing action for the fly fishing anglers with catches of grouper, snapper, orange mouth Corvina, and a few small snooks.  I have not heard a report for what is happening on the outside currently in Magdalena Bay.

I’m here in Cabo San Lucas this morning as I write this fly fishing report.  It’s a short trip as I have clients today.  Tomorrow it’s back on the water in the East Cape patrolling the beach looking forward to Roosters and jacks and anything else that’s swimming along the beach. I will be sure to let you know how we do both here in Cabo San Lucas as well as our experiences throughout this.

Tight lines,