Baja Fly Fishing Adventures: Winter Season Kick Off-Mag Bay.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 62
High: 81

Week of November 2nd.

Hi Folks,
Fishing remains steady and over the last day or two we have had some wind from the North. Cabo has some bill fish and the boats that have gone out have definitely found some fish. On the beaches there are still some scattered roosterfish around and if you put in some time you may get a few shots at some cruising fish.

marlin 2 nov 3

Our first trip to Mag Bay is this Thursday as we kick off the winter season. There are definitely reports of some good bill fish in the area as well as tuna. I did get word that there are some wahoo in the mix on the outside as well.

Marlin nov 3

I will update on Thursday from Mag Bay to give everyone a fresh report. If anyone would like information about our Mag Bay packages please feel free to give us a call. We have several Mag Bay packages available this season. If this season is anything like last season then we are in store for a spectacular tuna, dorado and bill fish season.

Tight lines,