Baja Fly Fishing Encounters: Winter Season is Here.

Jeff deBrown

Air temp

Low: 68
High: 84

jeff ec1

Hi Everyone,
Over the last week we definitely saw a decrease in the action overall. The last few weeks the fishing was incredible for bonito and dorado…However,the sardines are gone and the bite has definitely slowed down. We are starting to see some wind picking up and there is still some scattered dorado around.

Dorado ec1

The East Cape will still fish for a few weeks before the major winds starts and we will definitely keep everyone posted on the conditions. There is a storm in the area and we will be watching it, but at most we might get a few days of rain.



We will be heading to Mag Bay in the first week of November for our winter season. The reports I have received thus far from the area is that it’s fishing incredibly! The Reel Baja has several packages available for Mag Bay, so if anyone wants to discuss them, please give me a call and we are to assist.

Tight lines,