Baja is Still Fishing- Fall Season is Here.

Jeff deBrown


The weather remains hot with highs in the 90’s and overnight lows in the 70’s. We have seen some rain the past couple days as we have had afternoon showers popping up giving good rain to some parts of the area and nothing to others. These storms are very isolated and are quick to form and dissipate very rapidly.  We are still in hurricane season but there are no storms in our area and there are none expected. It is a great time to be in Baja!

Beach/ Inshore – The beach has been fair for some smaller species. There have been some small roosters and jacks  plus some Sierra around and you never know what you will catch. It’s way too early for sierra but that’s what makes fishing in the salt so great. I also know of a few snapper that have been spotted from the beach.

Off shore the fishing has been pretty good for tuna and a few dorado mixed in. Most of the tuna has been concentrated to our south. There have been a few bait pangas working that have had both live and dead sardines recently.  The problem is figuring out each day if the fish want live bait or dead sardines. With a mixture being thrown in the water it can be tough and never know what is going to show up..

There have also been a fair number of billfish scattered throughout the area. This is a great month to catch a billfish on the fly!

Tight lines,