Baja Mexico fly fishermen keeping a close eye on Hurricane Norbert

Baja fly fishing update and report for October 8th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 73 / 86
Air Temperature – 71 /92

Weather –  All of us here in Southern Baja are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Norbert.  It looks like I was wrong with my statement in my last report that Baja should be clear of this cell.  For those of us here in extreme Southern Baja it looks as if we might be spared but it is a little too early to tell as I write this report.  Currently Norbert is 445 miles off the Southern tip of Baja.  We all are all closely watching to see what happens.  Currently Norbert is a very strong category 4 hurricane at this stage but is projected to be about a category 2 when it makes land fall some time on Friday or Saturday.  At this time Norbert is projected to make land fall on the Pacific side some where in the area of Mag Bay.   We will all be watching Norbert very closely over the next couple of days.

Beach – The fly fishing from beach continues to fish for small rooster fish as well as lady fish.  We still have good populations of bait along the beaches giving anglers decent chances of catching fish when they find the bait.

Inshore – The past few days inshore has been the place to be.  We have seen good action for rooster fish,pompano,trigger fish and lady fish.  Most of the action has been in the area of Punta Colorado.  As always this time of year in front of the the docks at the hotels was another place for good action.

Off Shore – We have seen the action off shore slow down dramatically.  Over the past couple of days the dorado and tuna fishing has slowed to a crawl for the anglers.  We still have a few bill fish in the area but they also are not being found in the big numbers we saw a week ago.  I do not know if the approaching storm has had an effect on the fishing but we will wait and see if it rebounds after the storm passes.