Baja Mexico Fly Fishing: A Mola Mola Sighting

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for July 15th 2009
The Reel Baja


Water temp.  74 – 82
Air temp. 71 – 95





Hi folks,

Above are photos of a Mola Mola or a Pacific sun fish.  They are very rare in our area and while fishing this week we encountered this one.  We were off of Punta Pescadero looking for Marlin when we saw what we hope was a Marlin tail but upon closer inspection it was the giant in the photos above.  We were able to follow the fish for quite a while as it sat on the surface.  The sun was at difficult angles for really good photos so I apologize.  Our captain who was born and raised here in La Ribera and has been fishing these waters for over forty years says that is only the second one he has ever seen in his life.  It was an amazing experience and I am very glad that we were lucky enough to see one on this day.  As they say you never know what you will see or encounter on a daily basis while out fishing.  That is one of the reasons I do what I do.  I love that each day is different and you never know.

On fishing front things have not changes much from my report a couple of days ago.  The weather is hot!  We have seen a few clouds the past couple of days giving us a break from the intense sun we were experiencing.  These clouds are due to the two storms we have off the coast but will not be a factor for us in the way of any rain or severe weather.  These storms have given us some pretty good swells from the south at times but today things were calm as could be.

The beach is still providing us with some decent action.  We continue to see smaller roosters as well as jacks and all the lady fish one could want.  We have had very good action the last couple of evenings out in front of rancho leonero.  We have a lot of bait on the reef and the jacks,roosters,and lady fish as well as a few pargo have been driving it to shore and giving us good action.  Most of this action has been the last hour or so of daylight just a dinner is being served.

Offshore things remain fair with smaller tuna under the porpoise and some decent dorado fishing.  Most of the dorado have been a little closer to shore than the marlin and tuna.  We continue to see good numbers of sail fish in the area as well.  We have enough fish both inshore and off to make it interesting for the angler throwing flies.  I will be out tomorrow once again with my good friend Aaron Otto  who is a fly fishing photographer.  I will be sure to post any good photos we get.  Until next time.  Good fishing.