Baja Mexico fly fishing report – An update from Magdalena Bay

Hello to all,

 I just want to give a quick report on what has happened since I have arrived here in Magdalena bay.  As I mentioned in my last post I was going to do a television show for the outdoor channel over the weekend.  We did the show and it should be good as we found fish and had a good time.  I will let everyone know when it will air when I get the dates.

As far as the fishing here it is very good at the moment.  We have plenty of marlin,tuna and dorado.  We had excellent weather for the last four days but today the wind came up making the seas lumpy but not the boats are still able to fish.  The forecast if for the wind to blow one more day and then back off giving us good conditions once again.  My first guests arrive tomorrow evening and we are off for a six day adventure.  With all the fish we have in the area it should be great as long as the wind cooperates.  I will be sure to post a report when return along with some photos.  Until then good fishing to all.