Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Baja Is Fly Fishing Paradise

Above is Todd VanBlankenstein showing off just one of the very nice Tuna he caught while fishing with The Reel Baja.

Derrick Stewart from Las Vegas, NV and a very nice Skip Jack. 

Jeanie Koenemann showing off a nice Dorado. 

Lynn Koenemann and his first Rooster ever on a fly rod.

 Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for September 13th – 19th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
82 – 85  Inshore
85 – 87  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 81
High – 97

Hi folks,

Our weather is still very warm.  We had a very dry week here along the beaches and just the isolated afternoon rain shower in the mountains. As I write this report we are experiencing an afternoon rain shower.  We need the rain as we have not had much this month and we are in “the rainy season”.  It appears that we will not have any trouble with a tropical storm this year.  We still have a couple weeks to go but at this point nothing is forming below us at this time.  We get most of our moisture for the year out of a storm and with nothing on the horizon any precipitation like we are experiencing now is welcomed.

We have had very sunny skies and high humidity making day time temperatures feel higher than they are.  It is forecast that we will see overcast skies early in the upcoming week and by Wednesday we will be back to bright and sunny skies and very warm temperatures.

On the fishing front,  I had a guest say, “Baja is fly fishing paradise”.  We continue to see very good fishing for the blue water species.  These include Tuna, Skip Jack, Dorado, Sail fish and Marlin.  Most of the Tuna and Dorado were a very long run this past week.  They were located down toward the South past Megano’s Blanco about fifteen minutes.  For those that took the hour and fifteen minute trip one way it was worth it.  Most of the boats got into excellent fishing for Tuna and Dorado.  We found some outstanding fly fishing in this area and my clients had a blast.  Most of the fish were not huge but very respectable.  The Tuna on average were 8 – 20 lbs. with a few in the 60 – 100 lbs. range.  Dorado ranged from 8 – 15 lbs. and a few of the boats found some up to 30 lbs.  It was a very good week for the fly anglers as the numbers of Tuna and Dorado in this area provided us with very good action.

For the fly anglers looking for bill fish, the action this past week was excellent.  We have very strong numbers of Sail fish in the area currently.  Most of the Sail fish have been straight out in front of the hotel anywhere from 8 – 20 miles.  The boats that are targeting them have been raising on average three to six a day with some boats raising as many as 12-15 fish per day.  I know of one boat that went out on a half day trip and by eleven in the morning they had released seven Sail fish.  Sail fish are not the only bill fish we have in the area currently.  We also have a good number of Stripe Marlin and a good number of smaller Blue Marlin as well.  The Marlin have been a little further to the south along the ridge from Cabo Pulmo to the light house.  Most of the Stripe Marlin have been between 90 – 120 lbs. making them a very fun fly rod fish.

Inshore we continue to see a good number of smaller Rooster fish along with species such as Lady fish, Green Jacks, small Pargo, and a very few Sierra just to name a few.  The problem with fly fishing inshore currently, is that we have so many Needle fish (along with quite a few Pelicans) that getting the fly past them and to the target fish like a Rooster fish is almost impossible.  If you are willing to be patient and fight through the Needle fish you have a shot at getting some quality inshore species.  Most of the anglers this past week opted for chasing the off shore species for two reasons.  First, the fishing for Dorado and Tuna was excellent and the frustration level of Needle fish tearing up flies every cast was a little too much to take for most anglers.

Over all we have very good fishing at the moment.  If you are looking for a great fall fly fishing trip, Baja is unbeatable.  As I posted in my last report, I will be offering a special  on guide fees for the rest of September and October.  The special is: pay for two guided days and get the third free or pay for four guided days and get the fifth and sixth free.  All you have to do to get this special is mention that you saw it on my report or heard about it from one of the other places I have it advertised.

Until next time………Keep fishing!!