Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Cooling Off!!!





Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
84 – 86 Inshore
86 – 88 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 76
High – 96

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report posted on October 13th, 2011.

Hi Folks,

While we started out this week hot and humid things have started cooling off for us.  We’ve had quite a bit of wind from the North the last three days giving us slightly cooler temperatures coupled with grumpy seas.  Our over night low’s have been averaging 73 degrees and our day time high’s have been around 90 degrees.

Our water temperature has started to fall slightly along the beach as well as offshore.  The winds we are experiencing currently from the North will continue to promote a slight cooling of the water.

On the fishing front things have slowed down from what we have experienced over the last few weeks.  We continue to see good fishing but it’s not the “red hot” action we had just a couple weeks ago.

Along the beach we continue to see some decent fishing for good sized Rooster fish as well as Jacks.  I have been out the last several days and I’ve had some very good success.  The fish are not in abundance but the fish we have in the area are quality fish.  Most of the Rooster fish have averaged around ten pounds with fish all the way up to 60- pounds being seen.  I had the biggest Rooster fish of my life race in and rub his belly on the sand trying to eat my fly.  He just plain missed!!  This fish was the biggest Rooster fish I’ve cast to all year.  Yes, we still have a few “grandes” in the area although it is pretty late in the season.

Inshore we have plenty of quality Bonita and Skip Jack to keep any fly fishing angler happy.  Most of these fish are located from Punta Pescadero to Punta Colorado.  They are averaging about ten to twelve pounds and giving us wonderful action.  Along with the Bonita we are starting to see a few more Dorado.  We have seen most of the action for the Dorado further to the North in the area of Punta Pescadero to Bahia de los Suenos.  They too, are averaging from eight to fifteen pounds with a few over thirty pounds being taken.

If you were to ask me a couple of weeks ago what the “hot action” was I would have said without a doubt Tuna.  Although we still have some Tuna in the area it’s not as good as it was a few weeks ago.  If you were to ask me what the “hot bite” is now, I would say bill fish.  Currently, the bill fishing is excellent!   We continue to see very good numbers of both Sail fish as well as Stripe Marlin.  Some of the best action for bill fish is taking place very close to home, just in front of La Ribera.  The fish have been very active between three and five miles offshore.  The best action we are experiencing is a little bit later in the day once the wind comes up and we have a good swell on the water.  Unfortunately, today was a day that you might have been better off staying close to shore as the wind caused some pretty rough seas.

Overall, the weather is starting to turn and the fishing is following.  We still have plenty of great fly fishing ahead of us as long as we do not continue to see the wind from the North.  It is forecast to return to normal in the next couple of days as it is quite early for the “El Nortes” to be here.  I will admit, the cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing the past coupe of days have been pretty nice.

I will continue to be on the water here in the East Cape until the end of the month.  I will then head over to Mag Bay to run my live aboard trips.  My first trip is completely full but I still have a few openings on some of my other trips in Mag Bay.  If you’re interested, please let me know.  I am running a special in Mag Bay this year so if you’d like more information,  please contact us and we will be happy to give you all the details.

Until next time…Keep fly fishing