Baja Mexico fly fishing report – East Cape fly fishing continues to be great and Magdalena Bay heating up as well

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for November 3rd 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 83
Air Temperature – 71 /88

Hello everyone,

I want to give you all an up date on the fishing the past few days.  On the East Cape the fishing the past few days has bee great.  We have had very good weather the past few days with no wind and flat seas.  The fishing for tuna and dorado has been strong.  Most of the tuna are being found under the porpoise and have been between thirty and forty pounds with some fish pushing one hundred pounds.  The dorado bite has returned with some boats finding a piece of a dead whale yesterday and having great action.  The fishing for bill fish continues with a fair number of sail fish still in the area and a few marlin as well.

I am writing this from here in Mag Bay.  I will be here for the next two months doing my fly fishing in blue water seminars.  The fishing here has also started to heat up.  We have had some very good fishing for tuna and dorado over the past few days and the marlin are starting to show in good numbers.  I will be shooting a show for the out door channel beginning on Wednesday and then my seminars will begin. I will be provideing all of you with updates and photos of each trip.  I am off to fish the mangroves and see if I can’t find a snook as today is my birthday so I am going to try and get a little fishing in.  Until next time tight lines.