Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Fly Fishing In Baja Has Not Been A Disappointment

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for February 16th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 74 – 76
Air temp. 55-80

Here is Conrad Rafield from Birmingham, Alabama with my mate Martine showing off a very nice Sierra.  We had a blast this week.
 Peggy showing off her very nice Rooster fish.

Hi folks,

¬†¬†¬† Things here in Baja are going smooth.¬† The fly fishing has been¬†wonderful and the weather has been great as well.¬† We did¬†see some rain mid week last week and it was a pretty decent rainfall.¬† That makes two weeks in a row we have experienced some rain.¬† This past storm lasted only a day but brought us about a¬†1/2 inch of rain.¬† The landscape is very green and lush¬†around the area at the moment.¬† We had a couple of calm days here on the East Cape early last week¬†but over the past couple of days the North wind has cranked back up and it looks as if it might be here for another few days before settling back down.¬†¬† Water temperatures continue to hover around the mid 70’s with the Cortez side being slightly warmer than the Pacific side.

    On the fishing front, I have been traveling back and forth to Cabo San Lucas quite a bit the last few weeks and the fishing out of Cabo has not been disappointing.  I spent a wonderful day with Conrad and Peggy Rafield last week.  We fished just after the rain passed through and had a great day.  The day started out with just a few fish showing due to the fairly strong Northwest wind and overcast skies we were experiencing as the tail end of the front moved through the area.  By mid morning the front had moved through.  The wind dropped to almost nothing and the sun came out and the fish responded.  Conrad caught more Sierra than we could count and Peggy got into the Rooster fish and Jacks.  By the end of the day it was warm and sunny and we experienced a wonderful day of fly fishing in Baja.

    The fly fishing here on the East Cape also continues to be very good.  On days that the wind allows us to fish, the area is holding very good numbers of Sierra, Jacks, Bonito,  Dorado, and a few Marlin.  The Sierra continue to dominate the action with the best action located in front of Rancho Leonero and Punta Arena.  The numbers of Dorado are not as high as they were a couple of weeks ago but we continue to see some in the area with the average fish weighing between six and twelve pounds.  Most of the Dorado have been found close to shore with the area between North Beach and Palmas de Cortez producing the most action.   The Marlin have moved a little closer to shore.  Most of the Marlin have been located straight out toward the 10/10 between three and five miles out.   We also have seen the first school of Yellow Tail this season and everyone is excited.  I know of a nice school of Yellows that were found out in front of La Ribera.  This is the first school of Yellow Tail I have heard of this year here in the East Cape.  People are talking about how it is going to be a great season for Yellow Tail.  We will have to wait and see.  We have seen a few in Cabo over the past couple of weeks.  It is nice to see they are getting around the corner.  This is the time they start showing every year, so if things go well over the next few weeks we should see some great Yellow Tail action as they continue to move in. 

    I have clients checking into the hotel here in the East Cape tomorrow and we will be fishing the entire week.  If the wind continues to blow in the East Cape and not allow us to chase some fish on this side, we will slide over to Cabo and make some casts.  It will not matter if we are fly fishing here in the East Cape or in Cabo; either way I will be sure to let everyone know what we find.  You can count on that!

Until then…..¬† Keep fishing!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†