Baja Mexico fly fishing report – Great action all around

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for April 22nd 2009

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja


Water temp.  73 – 76
Air temp. 53 – 82

Here is Greg Roberts showing off his first rooster fish on a fly.  This is one of amny he caught while fishing with me this past Monday.

Above is Daniel Wendell and his wife Eva from Bozeman Montana showing off a couple of nice rooster fish they caught while fishing with me today.

Hello everyone,

Well after a three day blow we returned to flat calm seas on Monday and the fishing really turned on.  We have great action all around.  The fishing from the beach took a day or so to get back to normal as the water did not clear up in most places until yesterday afternoon due to the blow we had over the weekend.  We have a variety of bait along the beaches consisting of sardina, bally-hoo, very small flying fish and mullet.  We have great concentrations of all these baits.  We have rooster fish, sierra, lady fish, jack crevelle, and even some pompano attacking the bait along the beach giving the fly fishing angler a great opportunity if they prefer to fish from the beach.

Inshore we have had some non stop action for rooster fish.  We also have very big schools of jacks that are here and these bruisers are big.  Today we encountered a school of crevelle that was so dense that it looked like a black reef of rocks only it was moving.  These fish were all between twenty five and forty pounds.  The only problem is that most of these schools are spawning at the moment and not many of them have eating on their mind.  We are getting the occasional dozen or so to peel away from the pack and investigate our offerings only to have them turn around and return to the school.  Pretty soon these fish will be done with the spawn and when they are they should be on the eats and we should see some very nice crevelle fishing.

Offshore has been excellent for dorado the past three days.  This is due to a piece of a dead whale that is out in front of punta colorado about fifteen miles.  It was found three days ago and the fishing around it has been outstanding.  The dorado that have been associated with it have been of very good size.  Most of the fish are between fifteen and thirty pounds with quite a few fish over forty pounds being taken.  I fished it to day with my clients Daniel and Eva and they each caught a dorado each.  We would have stayed longer but we left as it was very crowded(it was hard to make a cast without hitting another vessel) with boats and in a short time the dorado went down and the bite slowed making it very difficult to fish a fly.

Other than the piece of whale we do have other dorado in the area as well as a fair number of marlin.  I have not heard of any tuna yet this year but we do have some very nice bonito that have been providing some fun for anglers.

The forecast is for some excellent whether for the next few days and with that we should continue to see the great fishing we have experienced the lat few days.  I will be sure to keep you all an update in a few days.  Until then. Good fishing.