Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: It’s On!!

David Reed and a spectacular Rooster fish.   He came specifically to fly fish with us for a BIG Rooster fish from the beach.  I am glad we could deliver!! 

Yep, it’s David Reed behind that buff with a great Jack from the beach. 

Just one of the many patches of Sargasso weed we’ve had in the area this week holding Dorado beneath them.
David Schaffert and a very big Dorado that came from under the Sargasso weed.
Another great Dorado that David caught under the Sargasso.
David Schaffert from Olympia, Washington and a very big  Pompano on the fly. 

This is Julie Scott (above) and her husband Nob Scott (below) displaying their first ever Rooster fish.  Way to go guys!  See you again in June!

Steve Dobrin with his first ever Rooster fish.  This is one of several Steve caught while fishing with us.

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
77 -79  Inshore
79 – 81  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 69
High – 90

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for May 23rd, 2011.

Hi Folks,

I want to apologize to all of you who follow this blog/report page.  I missed last weeks report as I just do not know where the time goes.  I was out on the water each and every day from sun up to sun down and tying flies at night.  I just plain missed getting the report written and posted.  I am back on track and I have a lot to tell you about.

The weather here in Baja is currently excellent.  We have warm temperatures with clear and sunny skies.  We have seen a few clouds the past few days first thing in the morning, but by 10 A.M. they have disappeared giving us bright sunny skies and perfect weather.  You can not beat Baja this time of year.

The fly fishing is currently excellent as well.  The past few days no matter where you wanted to fish; whether it be the beach, inshore or offshore, your chance of catching a fish was very high.

If your choice is the beach, you will be sharing it with many other anglers.  Yep, it’s that time of year.  Our beaches are currently very very crowded with fly fishing anglers looking for the elusive Rooster fish.  A couple of times this week I found it very hard to find a place to fish where I was not running into other anglers or anglers looking for space ended up fishing right next to us.  I do not mind the anglers along the beaches here but what I do mind is that some of them do not seem to use the same “stream etiquette” they would use at home.  These particular anglers had none!  If everyone would give anglers a little space, as one would on a stream, we would see a lot less problems here along the beach.  Anglers along the beach would not have the attitudes we are currently seeing.  It is Baja and we are all down here for the same reason.  So lets all just relax, enjoy, and give each other a courteous wide birth and have some fun!!  I think everyone will be a lot happier.

Talking about fishing from the beach, we continue to see some great fishing.  The bait is still in the area and we continue to see fish feeding on them.  We have seen a slight change in the water along a few areas.  These areas currently have water that is “off color” and green.  These areas should have very clean, clear water with excellent visibility.  It will only be a few days and that water will be back to normal. 

Inshore we continue to see some wonderful fly fishing for small to medium sized Rooster fish.  These fish are getting a lot of pressure as many anglers, both fly and conventional have been pursuing these fish.  If you are patient, persistent, and work hard you will fool a few of them.  We have had a few bigger fish in the 20 – 50# range being found both to the North as well as South.  We found some of these fish yesterday.  After determining what bait they were feeding on we hooked, but unfortunately broke off, three very big fish.  They were tanks!  We will be going back there in the next day or two looking for redemption.

Offshore, the fishing has been in a word….FUN!  We have had patches of Sargasso weed in the area and they have been holding some very nice Dorado.  It is very unusual for us to see the amount of Sargasso weed we are currently experiencing.  Normally, the Sargasso is found much further to the North and the currents do not allow it to get down into our area.  There are a few challenges to fly fishing for Dorado associated with the Sargasso.  First, you have to find the Sargasso.  The currents have been pushing it at a pretty good pace the past couple of days.  If you do find the Sargasso you need to check each and every patch as not all of them are holding fish.  If all the elements come together you can have some very exciting action.  We experienced some today. It was a blast!

We also continue to see excellent fishing for Marlin.  The Marlin are very close to shore.  Most of the fish we found today (after fishing for Dorado) were located just two miles directly infront of the hotel.  We raised three fish with one hook-up.  This fish got off after a short fight.  We also saw 8 – 10 tailing Marlin.  This was all in a one hour period at the end of the day. 

It is just after midnight here in Baja.  I still have a few flies to tie for tomorrow and I will be hitting the water at sunrise.  I am on the water each and every day this week.  I will be sure to let you all know what kind of fun we experience this week as we chase the wonderful fish of Baja.

Until next time…..Keep fly fishing!