Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Lot’s Of Spawning Happening

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water Temp.
70 Inshore
71.5 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 63
High – 85

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report posted on April 9th 2012.


Hi folks,

The weather this past week was very nice.  We had some wind from the North very early in the week and again yesterday.  Our day’s  have been filled with plenty of sunshine and very little cloud cover.

The fly fishing here in the East Cape is getting a little better.  We’re seeing lot’s of fish inshore. Most of these fish are jacks with the occasional rooster school being spotted.  The problem is that most of the fish are starting to spawn and are not very aggressive toward the fly.  This is typical of the spring.  We will  continue to see this trend over the next few weeks.

We currently are getting better shots at the fish if we are fly fishing out of the boat rather than on the beach.  Most of the fish have been hanging on the outer edges of the sand bars and have been very tough for fly fishing anglers to reach if they are fly fishing from the beach.  Another nice thing about the boat, especially this time of year, is we have the ability to throw live bait to the fish.  This live bait can often times entice fish that are not interested in anything but spawning to go ahead and take the easy meal.  This allows us to throw flies to fish that otherwise might ignore them otherwise.

If you are not looking for the inshore species like rooster fish and jacks.  But are looking for the off shore species like yellow tail, marlin, dorado, and tuna we have a few in the area.  The off shore fishing currently is pretty good for this early in the year.  We have a fair marlin bite off the light house currently. Along with the occasional dorado in the same area.  The yellow tail bite that we have been experiencing off La Ribera the past few weeks has dropped off considerably.  The boats that are willing to work hard are still getting a few.  Most of the boats have been chasing pompano.  We’ve had excellent fishing this past week for pompano. They have been in deep water making it very hard for us fly fishing anglers to get to them.  If you have enough chum you can get them up on the surface.  Getting enough bait is the key currently as we do not have much of it in the area.

On the Pacific side out of cabo San Lucas we continue to see very good fly fishing inshore.  We are still catching some very nice sierra eventhough it is getting a little late in the season for them.  Rooster fish are making a good showing on the Pacific side currently.  Most of the fish have been in and around the Pueblo Bonito area.  they are not big fish averaging between 5 and 12 lbs. with some bigger ones mixed in.  It is good to see the rooster fish no matter what the size.

We are also seeing some nice schools of snapper on the Pacific side.  I got a report from a friend of mine who was fly fishing to them yesterday.  It sounds as if the schools were quite large.

I will be out on the beach here in the East cape tomorrow and then on Tuesday I am headed over to Cabo for three days to guide clients.  I am looking forward to getting back over to Cabo San Lucas. It’s forecast to be windy from the North for a few days here at home.  It will be nice to be fly fishing in calm waters on that side.  I will be sure to report how this week goes.

Until next time….Keep fly fishing!!