Baja Mexico fly fishing report – Marlin on the Pacific side and Dorado in East Cape

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for March 10th 2009

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja


Above is Nick Williams and his friend Matt showing off just two of the many dorado they caught while fishing with me this past week.

Here is Steve Dobko who is a member of the “Wollaston Lake Longrodders Fly Fishing Club”.  Steve is displaying just one of the many sierra and yellow tail he caught while I fished with him out of Cabo San Lucas.  Steve is already making arrangements to return with other club members.

This is Don Lange with his second ever rooster fish on a fly rod.  Don caught this fish while I guided him in Cabo last week.

Hello everyone,

It has been a crazy schedule for me this past week and some crazy fishing to go with it.  I spent all of last week over in Cabo san Lucas fishing with guests and then after fishing on Thursday of last week headed straight home to fish on Friday with my guests here in the East Cape.

The fishing out of Cabo is excellent both inshore and off shore.  Inshore the sierra bite is still as good as ever with many of the fish being of respectable size in the four to eight pound range.  Mixed in with the sierra are some nice smaller rooster fish and a few “fire cracker” yellow-tail.  We did have a few smaller amber jack around the boat one day but did not fool any of them into taking the fly.

Offshore the marlin fishing on the golden gate bank is as hot as it gets.  The fish are chasing the bait balls in every direction that you look.  The tough part for the angler looking to fly fish is that so many boats on the bank it is hard to find a spot that if you do get a hook up you won’t be cut off by another boat.  My friend Brad Wheatly who lives in Cabo had that very thing happen to him and after waiting all day for one good open shot lost a brand new fly line to a passing boat.  The other tough thing for the fly angler is that the gate has so much bait on it it is hard to get the fish to look at the fly.  I spent a couple of days fishing for these marlin while I was in Cabo last week and we had the best success and some very good shots by slow trolling hook-less live bait and teasing the fish that way.  My guest Walter Gredek had some great opportunities this way.  The first fish we raised on the bait took the fly but just did not get quite enough hook to stay on.

Here in the East Cape the fishing has also been very good.  We have had very good numbers of dorado in the area the past couple of weeks and fishing for them has been very good.  Not only do we have dorado in good numbers in the area but I was lucky enough on Friday to find part of a dead seal with as many dorado as one could ever imagine  under it.  My guests Nick and Matt had a blast sight fishing to these fish.  We stopped the motor when we got the first hook up and did not turn it back on until we had to leave to go back to the hotel and this was two and a half hours later!!

The yellow-tail that have been in the area are still providing some very good action for the anglers fishing bait.  They have been a little deep the past few days to get a fly to them.

We are starting to see some excellent opportunities for big rooster fish along some of our beaches here in the East Cape.  I was out today with a guest and we had many great shots at nice roosters in the twenty pound class with a very nice fish of about sixty pounds chase a school of mullett right to our feet.

The weather has been very pleasant this past week with no wind and on most days plenty of sunshine.  We did see some over cast skies yesterday and today and the wind did start to pick up again today slightly.  I will be on the water this entire week so I will let everyone know how we do in my next report.  Until then get out and go fishing.