Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: North Winds Arrive

Here are Butch Derrick (left) and David Winter from Dallas TX. showing off just a couple of Rooster fish they caught while fishing with me in Cabo San Lucas yesterday.

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for November 1st 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
77 – 79  Inshore
79 – 81  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 64
High – 82

Hi Folks,

We started the week last week with a pretty stiff breeze from the North causing bumpy seas but not rough enough to keep us from fishing.  By mid week we had great conditions and flat seas but that only lasted a few days.  Over the past couple of days the winds from the North have really picked up causing very unfavorable fishing conditions.  As I write this report, all I see out my front window are kite boarders and sail boarders flying around having fun in the wind that is currently ripping straight into us.  What I do not see are boats returning home from a day of fishing as most of them stayed home today due to the wind.

The wind has caused me to shift gears as well.  I am currently starting to do my trips out of Cabo San Lucas due to the winds here in the East Cape.  Fly fishing in Cabo San Lucas is great this time of year.  The seas are fairly calm and the bait population is good providing good fly fishing both inshore and offshore species.  I spent the last couple of days fly fishing here in the East Cape as well as Cabo San Lucas.  I was fly fishing with David Winter and Butch Derrick from Dallas, Texas.  We had a blast.  Butch and Derrick came down to fly fish for Rooster fish.   The fishing and Rooster fish did not disappoint.  Butch and Derrick caught them consistently for two days.  They spent Saturday with me over here on the East cape and yesterday I traveled over to Cabo because the wind was forecast to be strong from the North here in the East Cape for the next few days. The forecast was right on, as it is really blowing currently.

The wind here in the East Cape has caused the fishing to slow down in the area.  This is typical for this time of year.  The wind causes the water to cool off and the sea temperatures to drop along with moving the bait out of the area.  With that said, we still have some fish in the area.  We currently have a very good number of Sail fish.  These Sail fish have been here for many weeks now and are still providing great action.  I know of one boat that had twenty six strikes from Sail fish in a day of fishing this past week.  One angler said no matter where he looked he saw feeding Sail fish.  They are starting to move to the South.  They are currently right in front of La Ribera offshore about three miles.  Last week this same school was 20 miles to the North.  They are definitely on the move. 

If it is Tuna and Dorado you are looking for we still have a few.  The fishing for Tuna has been taking place down to our South and the Dorado have been scattered from North to South.  The fly fishing for Tuna and Dorado is difficult here in the East Cape due to the wind and migration of the fish to the South.  One has a very good chance to catch them out of Cabo San Lucas currently as most of the fish have moved around the corner. 

I will be on the water the next few days.  I do not know where my clients and I will be fishing.  It could be here in the East Cape or we may jump in the car and go to Cabo San Lucas.  The wind will be the deciding factor.  Wherever we end up fishing I will be sure to let you all know the latest conditions.

 Until next time……Keep fishing!!