Baja Mexico fly fishing report – Rooster fish inshore and Dorado off shore

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for April 6th 2009

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja


Water temp.  72 – 75
Air temp. 55 – 83

Above is Jamie and Angie Clark from Alberta Canada showing off just a couple of the many rooster fish they caught while fishing with me over the weekend.

Hello everyone,

April begins with some very nice weather here in Baja.  We have had some very pleasant temperatures over the past week and a half.  Out over night low temperatures are getting to the point where you don’t need many blankets and you can open the windows and sleep very comfortably.  During the day the weather has been fantastic.  We have seen some overcast skies on some mornings and even a little spit of rain on Saturday morning but by ten in the morning it was bright sunshine and very comfortable.  Over the past week or so we have seen very little wind from the North but yesterday it started to blow from the North once again.  It is forecast to blow for a couple of days and then back off and we should be back to great fishing weather.

The fishing here in the East Cape has been very good.  We have good populations of bait in the area including sardina, mullet, and ballyhoo.

The fishing along the beach and inshore has been pretty good for rooster fish as well as some nice jack crevelle.  We are seeing big schools of both rooster fish and jacks as they are starting to gather and spawn.  Some of these schools have been very large with forty or fifty fish in a school.  Some of these fish have been of quality size as well.  When I was fishing with Jamie and Angie we had fish in the forty to sixty pound range around the boat but the smaller fish were faster to the fly but the bigger fish are here.   We still have some sierra in the area although the water is getting pretty warm for them.  The remaining fish we have in the area have been of good size with some of them pushing eight pounds.

We also have had a good bit for pargo in front of Rancho Leonero hotel.  I saw many boats out in front of the hotel on Saturday pulling out some very nice fish.  The other interesting note inshore is we are seeing a good number of Pacific barracuda.  They have been in the area of La Ribera so if you run into them don’t forget the wire.

Offshore the fishing for dorado continues to be good.  Most of these fish have been in the warm water located about twenty to twenty five miles straight off or Rancho Leonero.  These fish have been of good size with many of them between twenty and forty pounds.  With the wind we are experiencing at the moment we will have to wait and see if they continue to be in the area once the wind drops.  We have above average water temperatures for this time of year and that should hold the fish in the area.

We are also seeing a good number of marlin starting to show up as well.  Most of the marlin have been in the same area as the dorado.  The marlin are being seen but not many of them were willing to bite this past week.

We should continue to see an improvement in the fishing here over the next few weeks.  I do not think we are done with the wind but we are starting to see longer periods of good weather between blows and that only helps the fishing.  I am looking forward to getting back on the water as soon as the wind stops.