Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Rooster Madness, Dorado in Our Sights and the Tuna are Back!

Written by
Jeff deBrown
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Water temp.
Inside – 84/82
Outside– 81/83

Air Temp.
Low – 77
High – 101

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report posted on 8/5/12

Hi Folks,

Summer is definitely here. It’s hot, but it’s been an action-packed week here in Baja. We are still focusing mostly on the beach… but, the dorado bite is really strong and the tuna are back in (more on this later in the report).

I got to do some fishing myself this week and landed a nice rooster off the beach, but, the highlight of the week was fishing with my client, Rich.

Coming down here, Rich had very little experience with a fly rod, but he had a week here that he won’t forget soon. We found roosters on the beach and took a shot at them. Rich made the cast, a rooster chased down his fly, he hooked up… and he was into a grande rooster of 40 pounds! The fight was on, but next thing you know, in the middle of all the action, Rich’s reel came off of the reel seat — and we had to start pulling it in by hand! We worked as a team, Rich did everything right and we were able to hand line it in and land it. This was Rich’s first time fly fishing in the salt, and he was able to land a great fish that will stay with him forever.

Just ask if you are interested in fishing the beach, please contact us and we are happy to put you on some roosters.

Now let’s talk about tuna. After a couple of weeks of being far offshore at 25-50 miles out, the tuna are back in!! Tuna can now be found 8-10 miles offshore. Some can be found traveling with porpoise but most are in their own schools.

The dorado fishing has been very strong, and most of the action is coming off of the lighthouse. This upcoming week, we will be focusing on dorado as we target the inshore fishery. Striped marlin can be found off of the lighthouse as well.

The water clarity is still perfect and we are still seeing very low levels of chlorophyl, which has given us some good clean water. However, we need some rain as it’s been a very dry summer so far – so hopefully we will see some storms roll through.

Tight Lines,