Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Still Going Strong

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Water temp.
Inside – 80/76
Outside – 82/84

Air Temp.
Low – 77
High – 98
Posted on 7/29/12

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament was held this past week, wrapping up on Saturday with the heaviest Yellowfin tuna caught on Inman Bank near Cabo weighing in at 262 pounds!!










The striped marlin are still around, with the biggest numbers found around 1/2 – 2 miles out, near La Ribera.  If you enjoy fishing for marlin on the fly, or have never tried it, then we strongly suggest you head on down here as soon as you can. Our water conditions are perfect right now.  Stable water temperatures and low chlorophyll levels have provided some beautiful blue water to fish in at the moment; which means the marlin fishing will stay strong for some time.














Mixed in with the marlin is dorado averaging in size between 10-20 pounds.  They are feeding very aggressively and are very willing to take the fly. Once we locate the fish and we get a hold of one dorado within the school, the others follow. We then cast to others in the school and the action heats up before the fish move off.

The rooster fishing has slowed down quite a bit from what it has been, but we are still seeing fish and we are able to take great shots at them.  The sailfish action has been fair, and most have been found just east of us around 8-12 miles offshore.












It’s great when we are landing some good fish on each trip. My client this week was Jim, and he truly did an amazing job on the beach this week. Jim hooked several roosters and landed some good fish. However, we lost a big rooster of around 40lbs on Friday. When he took off on his initial run, the line got wrapped around the reel seat and it broke off! But, that’s fishing for you.













The fishing will remain good all through the summer and into the fall, so contact us for open dates, and we will be happy to help you book your dates. This has been a unforgettable season, and we want to thank everyone for the support, and great memories and we look forward to fishing with you soon. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, so follow us for our daily news and photos.

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