Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Strong winds make fishing difficult

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
73 Inshore
74 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 55
High – 73

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report posted December 7th, 2011.

Hi Folks,

I finally returned home yesterday from Mag Bay.  My last two trips were great in the fact that I was out fishing with great people in a great place.  We saw whales and porpoise along with some bait and for a couple of days wind.  What we did not see was fish.  I was hoping that the wind had put them down but after fishing the area for a few days it was apparent that the fish had moved on.

At the end of my last trip I got information that the fish were found in “no man’s land” between Mag bay and Cabo.  These fish should gradually start showing up off the banks out of Cabo San Lucas over the next few weeks.  Once they do I will be chasing them once again.

Here in the East Cape we have a lot of fish.  We have Marlin, Sierra, and very good numbers of dorado.  Unfortunately we have been experiencing very strong wind almost every day. keeping all anglers off the water.  The wind has been averaging 28 -30 MPH daily.

Once the wind lays down we will have to see if the fish are still in the area.  The problem is that the winds are forecast to remain in our area for the next few days.  If the winds calm down and let us get back out on the water it could be wonderful fishing.

I will be headed to the states for a very quick trip starting tomorrow.  Hopefully by the time I get back the winds will have subsided and I can get back out on the water.

Until next time…Keep fly fishing!!