Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: They Are Chasing Flies!!

Even I get a good one every once in a while!!

Patrick Gilbert from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma showing off his prize.  This is his first ever Rooster fish.  What a way to start!!

Patrick and a nice Jack from the beach.

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
78- 80  Inshore
80 – 81  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 68
High – 93

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for May 8th 2011.

Hi Folks,

The fly fishing here in Southern Baja has been excellent since my last report.  We ended last week with a bit of wind from the North.  The wind kept the few boats that went out close to shore.  Most anglers choose to stay on shore and enjoy activities such as lounging by the pool or in the case of my client Richard Westfall from Denver, Colorado it gave us a chance to go to San Jose and play a little golf.

By Monday the winds were gone.  We have had bright sunshine and very warm temperatures ever since.  The past few days have been the first time this year that I have thought it might be time to turn on the air conditioning.  The forecast this week is for more of the same.  Great weather and great fly fishing.

Speaking of fly fishing, we have seen some of the best action so far this year.  We have fish both inshore as well as offshore.  The bait population is better than I have seen in quite some time with an abundant amount of both Sardina and Mullet.

Inshore we have some excellent action for Rooster fish in the “Grande” category.  We have been casting to and sometimes landing these bigger fish.  Most of the bigger fish we hooked this week gave us problems.  We had broken tippets, broken fly lines, hooks that just pulled out after a good fight.  Sometimes we just plain got our tails kicked by them.  We managed to get a couple as you can see.  Did I mention how I love these fish!!

Along with the Rooster fish we have excellent action for Jacks.  I was on the boat today with my guest Steve Dobrin from Vermont.  Steve left two feet of snow yesterday at his house and today he caught more nice Jacks than we could count.  Steve has four more days with me.  I am sure he is not thinking of home this evening judging by the smile on his face this afternoon.

Offshore we are starting to see a few more Dorado.  We have had a few floating patches of Sargasso and some of them have been holding Dorado.  The warm water we are currently seeing offshore is beginning to bring more fish into our waters.  This is giving us a chance to cast our flies to the lightening fast and beautiful fish known as Dorado.

If it is bill fish you are looking for, they continue to give us action in the same areas that we are finding Dorado.  The Marlin and Sail fish in the area are finally starting to provide us with more action.  As some of you know these fish have been in the area for quite some time but have been gorging themselves on squid.  It seems as if the squid are thinning out and the fishing for bill fish is starting to pick up.

I will be on the water with Steve and a few other guests over the next few days.  We will be looking for Marlin in the morning and Rooster fish in the afternoon.  I will be sure to post a report here of how we do.

Until next time….Keep fly fishing!!