Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: What A Difference A Week Makes!

Travis with a great Jack Crevalle from the beach this past week.


Written by
Jeff debrown

Water temp.
Inside – 74/75
Outside – 79/80

Posted on 6/27/12

Hi folks,

Last week quality versus quantity best described the fly fishing.  This week that ratio is just about equal.  We are seeing some very good fishing from the beach as well as the boat.  The action on the beach has increased from a week ago and although not “wide open” we are seeing plenty of action.  This action is not only rooster fish.  We are also seeing quite a few pompano as well as jacks and even a few snapper.  Of course you always have a few lady fish thrown in as well.  The fish have been chasing small flying fish, small half beaks and of course mullet.  I have started to see a few sardines along the beach and that is a very good indication of what is to come.

A nice Paloma Pompano from the beach this week.


Inshore we continue to see some very big rooster fish being taken on bait.  Most of the fish are in the deep water at the light house and the bait of choice this week was a small jurelito hooked in the back and dead drifted.  I spent a day doing this with Luke Laggo and his wife.  We managed to do very well.  We hooked a few fish we could not stop but the ones we did manage to get to the boat were very nice.


Another biggie!


Offshore we have finally started to see some tuna.  They appeared about ten days ago but only for a short time.  This week they made a showing once more and in a big way.  The fish have not been associated with porpoise as we often see but they are free swimming in small schools.  Most of these fish are in the 10# to 25# pound class.  The best action has been either around the shark buoys to the North (they are also holding dorado and marlin) or to the South out about twenty mile.  I have been watching the boats come in as I have been on the beach the past ten days and they are flying a lot of white flags.  I have a client coming in a few days who is wanting to chase some tuna.  I just hope they stick around and give us a shot.


A sweet release!


As we experienced last week this can be a transition time for the water.  It looks as if it is settling down and starting to provide us with some good fishing.  If you are looking for a challenge than fly fishing the beaches of Baja certainly give you that.  As I stated above we have some very nice fish cursing the beach at the moment just looking for a well presented fly.  If getting on a boat and fly fishing for the pelagic fish like dorado, tuna and marlin.  We currently have them all in the area.  It is a great time to be fly fishing Baja.


Frank Smethurst with a nice Jurel


I will be on the water this entire week.  I will be sure to keep you informed of the bait, water, and fishing conditions.  They all look like they are going to be excellent.


Until Next time…Keep fly fishing!


Got another one today from the beach!