Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report – Wind on one side with action on the other.

Hi folks,

On the East Cape side we have seen quite a bit of wind this week. We were lucky enough to get a couple calm days to get out and see whatโ€™s happening.

The best fishing here in the East Cape has been a Sierra bite that has been very early. The fish have been active from dawn until about 10am. We have had good action for them both from the beach as well as the boat.

We also have had some very good beach action for small roosters on the calm days. These fish are not big. They are in the โ€œbabyโ€ category but they sure are fun.

I have heard of reports that on the calm days there has been good action for marlin on the banks off La Ribera. Reports also say there have been a few dorado in the area as well.

This past week I have been guiding over on the Pacific side out of Cabo San Lucas. We have had great action inshore for roosters, jacks, Sierra, and snapper. The fishing has been very good and very fun as we have had some very nice sized fish in the mix. This action should continue over the next few weeks.

I will be out fishing here in the East Cape this weekend and returning to Cabo early next week to spend four of five days guiding. ย I will be sure to post an update in the next few days. Until then I hope you find some time to get out and go fishing.

jeff deBrown