Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Yellow Tail Arrive In Baja

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
67 – 70  Inshore
68 – 71  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 51
High – 73

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for January 25th  – February 1st. 2011.

Hi Folks,

This past week it was cool here in Baja.  We had clouds move in early in the week giving us slightly cooler temperatures.  We also experienced wind from the North for most of the week.  We did have one day the winds calmed and the clouds moved out giving us flat seas, warmer temperatures, and the boats a chance to get out and fish.  The window of opportunity was very short.  We are currently experiencing another strong blow from the North.  This current blow is keeping the boats from going out as well as all of  us that live here bundled up in jackets and sweaters. 

On the fishing front, when the boats have had a chance to get out, the action has been pretty good over all.  We currently have some good fishing for Yellow Tail on the bank  located in front of Rancho Leonero.  We are also seeing a few Yellow Tail off of the slides.  Most of the fish have been “fire cracker” size but I have seen a few come in that have weighed between 30 – 40 pounds. 

We also currently have a fair number of White Bonita in our waters here in the East Cape.  These fish pull very hard and are a blast to catch.  Most of the Bonita have been around ten pounds on the average.  You hook one of these fish on a 9wt. rod and it is a blast.

Closer to shore, we continue to see Sierra providing the main action.  It has been tough to locate these fish this week as the wind seems to scatter them through the bay.  If you are looking for Sierra over here on the East Cape side, one needs to be up and out very early as that is when we are seeing the best action.  As the wind comes up, the action quickly shuts off as well as driving us off the water.

I spent a couple of days fishing out of Cabo San Lucas this past week.  I fished with my client and friend John Walker.  The fishing over on the Pacific side has been much of the same as we are experienceing here in the East Cape.  Inshore consisted of Sierra along with a few small Rooster fish.  The fish were very spread out.  It took us a lot of searching to find the fish but once we did the action was good.  We found the Sierra both on the Pacific side as well as on the Sea of Cortez down near Palmilla.  We found scattered Rooster fish on the Pacific side in the area of the light house.  The Rooster fish action tapered off as we got about five miles North of the light house. 

As most of you in the United States are experiencing some of the worst winter weather you have seen in quite some time, those of us in Baja are out fly fishing, running around in shorts, and drinking cold cervezas.  If this sounds good to you why don’t you give yourself some “winter relief” and come spend a few days fly fishing with us in Baja. 

Until next time…Keep fly fishing!!