Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Baja Is Currently Fly Fishing Paradise

Driss Bennani with a huge smile and his first Marlin on the fly.

Driss and one of many Rooster fish he caught while fly fishing with The Reel Baja.

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for August 12th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
75 – 78 Inshore
77 – 82 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 74
High – 94

Hi folks,

Another great week of fly fishing here in Baja.  The fish are very spread both north and south.  What that means is we have a lot of fish in the area.  On most mornings we have been fly fishing for Tuna, Bonita, and Dorado just minutes from the hotel.  We have seen great action for these species in the area of Spa Buena Vista as well as in front of La Ribera.  Most of the Tuna have been on the smaller side with the average fish around ten to twelve pounds.  The occasional Tuna of thirty pounds are mixed in but the smaller fish have been getting to the fly first.  The Dorado have been our fish of the week.  They are very plentiful right now.  We are finding them almost everywhere.  Driss Bennani fished with me this past week and we had excellent fly fishing for Dorado.  One day we had a school of Dorado around the boat that kept us busy for over an hour.  We eventually left them to see what else we could find.  We found a great Marlin.  It was a first for Driss.  We have a lot of Bill fish in the area currently.  Most of the Bill fish have been offshore between three and ten miles.  We’ve had excellent fly fishing for Marlin as well as Sail fish this past week.  If you want to fly fish for Marlin here in the East Cape, now is a very good time.

Along the beach as well as inshore, we still have good fishing for Rooster fish, Green Jacks, small Pargo, and Lady fish.  We even still have a good Sierra bite in the area of Punta Colorada.  The biggest problem inshore has been getting through the Needle fish.  We have quite a few of them and they are aggressive toward the fly.  If you are patient and are willing to fight through them the other fish are there.  I had a great day yesterday fishing with Bill Nelson from Denver, Colorado.  We caught over a dozen Rooster fish while fishing inshore.  I will have to say we lost a few flies to Needle fish.

Over all the fly fishing here in Baja is in full swing.  Do not let the hot temperatures prevent you from coming down to fish with us as the fly fishing is even hotter. 

Until next time….Keep fishing!