Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report:Fly Fishing In Baja Mexico Currently Excellent

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for September 24th 2009

Written By
Jeff deBrown


Water temp.  78 – 84
Air temp. 76 -93

This is Lloyd Brady from Boulder Colorado showing off a Rooster fish he caught on the fly while fishing with The Reel Baja in East Cape Mexico.  This was Lloyd’s first ever rooster fish.

Hi folks,

This past week we had some great fly fishing.  I spent yesterday with Lloyd Brady and his wife Karen.  We fished inside for rooster fish.  We have plenty of rooster fish in the area to keep a person happy.  These fish are not big with most of them in the three to five pound range but the number of fish is impressive.  We found rooster fish in pretty much every area we checked.  Lloyd and his wife Karen also caught three different types of jacks as well as all the lady fish they wanted in addition to the double digit number of rooster fish they caught.

Action outside is as good as one could ask for.  We have great fishing for tuna as well as dorado.  The fishing for tuna continues to be found in a couple different places.   We are still finding very good numbers of tuna underneath the porpoise in the area.  We have many different schools of porpoise in the area.  Most of the schools have been located off Los Frailes and slightly to the south out between fifteen and twenty five miles.  This is where most of the bigger tuna are being found.  Most of these fish have been between forty and sixty pounds with a few over one hundred pounds.  The biggest one I heard of this week was almost double that weighing in at just under two hundred pounds.  These fish are a little large for those of us who are fly fishing anglers.

For the fly fishing anglers we are seeing good numbers of tuna and bonita in the area of Punta Arena.  The tuna and bonita in this area have been considerably  more manageable for the fly fishing angler than the fish being found outside with the average tuna at Punta Arena averaging fifteen to twenty pounds.  The bonita that have mixed in with the tuna have also been good size with some of them reaching fifteen pounds.

For those anglers looking for dorado we continue to see very good numbers fish to the North and to the South.  Most of these fish have not been very far off shore.  We have been finding the dorado from just a few hundred yards off shore out to around three miles.

The fishing for bill fish has been a little slow.  Not because we do not have any in the area but because we have had such great fishing for tuna, dorado, and rooster fish that not many boats are going a little further outside and fishing for them.  The boats that have been going after bill fish have had very good success with good catches of stripe marlin and sail fish.

We continue to see very warm sea and air temperatures along with very calm seas.  This is a great time to be in Baja.  The fishing is excellent and the weather is fabulous.  What more can one ask for.  Until next time,  get out and go fly fishing.