Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report:Inshore Or Offshore The Choice Is Yours

Sean Showing off a great Rooster fish

Another Great Rooster caught by Carolyn

Here is Chris Coile with a very nice Rooster fish he caught just a couple of hours ago.

Annie and her Crevelle.


Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for April 9th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 71 – 74
Air temp. 56 – 84

Hi folks, 

     Well,  April is off to a great start.  Both the offshore fly fishing and inshore fly fishing are going pretty well.  Offshore we have a good number of Sail fish as well as Marlin.  These fish showed up about a week ago and have been here ever since.  Most of the bill fish action is between Punta Pescadero and Rancho Leonero.  These fish have been fairly close to shore with a majority of the fish being seen between two and six miles out.  Do not think this is the only area.  I have heard of reports of fish being caught as far out as fifteen miles off of Pescadero.  I was out today with Bill, Annie, and Chris and we had a nice Sail fish that we teased in but we could just not get it to take Annie’s fly.  Maybe tomorrow.  

    If it is Dorado you are looking for we have the occasional Mahi being caught in and around the Marlin and Sail fish but it is still pretty spotty.  I was out last week with Ron Guerra who is a great friend of mine and we fish together often both here and in Mag Bay. Ron was able to get a couple very nice Dorado.  One fish was about 15lbs. and the other might have been closer to 20lbs.  I did hear on the radio today that one of the boats got a Dorado that was estimated to be about 40lbs.

    We have had a fair number of Porpoise in the area but no Tuna with them so far.  We have had some decent Bonita associated with a few of the pods but no Tuna as of yet.  We should see some any day now.

    Inshore we have some very good action with Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle.  That is if you can find them.  One day we are finding fish and the next day you go back and it is a ghost town.  We are seeing some very good sized fish as you can see from the photo’s above.  These fish are starting to gather to spawn.  We have encountered a few schools of fish where they want nothing to do with you or your offering.  If you can find the school that is willing to play you will have some fun.

    Until next time…keep fishing.