Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report:Late January Fly Fishing In Baja Great

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for January 22nd 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 74 – 77
Air temp. 55-77

We experienced a few very nice flat mornings this past week giving the early morning anglers some great fly fishing conditions.

With all the Sierra in the area don’t forget to use wire!

Hi folks,

This past week we experienced a break from the wind.  Last Friday the wind dropped and we woke up on Saturday to flat calm seas and beautiful weather.  The wind has remained calm for the entire week giving the fly fishing angler as well as the conventional angler great fishing conditions.

Here in the East Cape we continue to see good numbers of Sierra very close to shore.  These fish are spread out all over the area with fish being caught from Punta Pescadero to our North all the way to Punta Arena to the South.  I was out on the beach Monday morning in front of Hotel Buenavista and the Sierra were everywhere chasing small bait.  I did not have a rod with me at the time so I just watched as the fish ripped around the area and bait was fleeing in every direction.  I enjoy just sitting back and watching events like this as it is nature at it best.

Other than Sierra we also have a few Dorado and Marlin in the area.  The lack of wind and calm seas have allowed the boats to get out fishing and the catch has been pretty good for considering we are in the middle of our “off” season.  The Dorado and Marlin have been spread out with most of them being caught in and around Punta Pescadero from two to ten miles off shore.

I spent a great day on the water out of Cabo San Lucas this past week with Chris Keeley from Colorado.  Chris is the owner of Anglers All fly shop – and they are a great bunch of guys.  Chris and I had some tough fishing in the morning.  The fish did not want to move to the teaser but with persistence we managed to get a few.  In the afternoon the fish decided they wanted to play and Chris and I had a ball as he caught one after another.  We even were able to find a few decent sized Rooster fish and Chris hooked one of these great fish but unfortunately the fish broke off on the hook set.

The wind is scheduled to slowly build back up here in the East cape.  We should see a couple more days of great weather with the wind forecast to start once again on Sunday.  I am going to try and hit the beach over the next couple days before the wind picks back up.  I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes in my next report.

Until then….  keep fishing.