Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Spring Winds Play A Role In Fly Fishing Baja

Here is Jim Hintz showing off his first ever Rooster fish. 

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for March 30th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 71 – 74
Air temp. 56 – 84

Hi folks,

This past week was  frustrating for the anglers especially the fly fishing anglers here in Baja.  We once again experienced four days of hard wind from the North here in the East Cape keeping most anglers around the pool and sipping margaritas.  I, on the other hand made a plan with my guest Jim Hintz who was visiting from Wisconsin.  Jim and I headed out early a couple of days this past week and drove over to fish out of Cabo San Lucas where the water was flat.  That is typical this time of year.  When the wind blows from the North here on the Cape it is flat on the Pacific side.  Jim and I had two great days of fly fishing for Rooster fish.  Jim had never fished in the salt water before and his first introduction was a great one.  We had Rooster fish boiling around the boat and Jim was very successful.  The fish we found were not big. These fish were fun and perfect for Jim’s introduction to fly fishing in salt water.

Here at home the wind has let up and the conditions are returning back to normal as I write this report.  We have some decent fishing in the area.  Close to shore we still have a few Sierra in the area but the bite has dropped off quite a bit from what it was a few weeks ago.  We also are experiencing day to day fishing for small to medium sized Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle.  It seems as if one day we find them and the next we don’t.  Over the next few weeks this should change as we typically see some very good numbers of fish move into the area starting in early April with the peak in May and June.

Offshore, we have a few Bonito in the area as well as a few Marlin.  The numbers of Marlin have increased over the past few days with more fish being spotted but most of them have been reluctant to bite.  We also have the odd Dorado in the area but the action for Dorado has not been steady.   I did hear of a few Tuna this week but they were down toward Cabo San Lucas.  That is a long way to go from here in the East Cape.

We will celebrate Semana Santa (the Easter Holiday) this coming weekend.  Our beaches will be full of locals celebrating the holiday with great food, laughs, and of course fishing.  It seems as if this holiday the wind blows from the North every year.  This year the forecast shows beautiful weather and no wind.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.    

Until next time…keep fishing.