Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report:The Fish Do Not Care As They Are Already Wet

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for February 2nd 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 74 – 77
Air temp. 57-79


A rainy start to February.  The fish don’t care as they are already wet.

Hi everyone,

    We are currently experiencing some rain here in Southern Baja.  As I sit and write this report the rain steadily falls outside.  This is not our normal time of year that we see rain but here in Baja we are jumping for joy anytime we get some.  The rain moved in this morning and is forecast to be here for the next 24 hours.  The forecast calls for showers tonight and into tomorrow afternoon tapering off tomorrow night.  We will be back to the sunny and bright conditions as well as some good fly fishing that Baja is known for on Thursday morning.

Speaking of fly fishing, we have some pretty good fishing in the area.  We did not have much wind last week and that allowed us to be on the water.  I was able to get out the other morning and do some fishing for myself and I found nice pockets of action.  We still have very good numbers of Sierra along the beaches and inshore.  The Sierra bite has been best early in the morning with most of the action coming the first couple hours of daylight and tapering off by mid morning.  I also had a few smaller Rooster fish that were mixed in as well.  It is always good to see those little ones as they eventually grow into the slabs we are always hoping to see.

A little further off shore we continue to see very decent numbers of Dorado and Marlin in the area considering it is the first week of February.  These fish continue to be located off Punta Pescadero between two and five miles off shore.  I also heard that the Dorado bite had picked up to the South of Meganos Blancos but not many boats were going that far South because they do not want to take a chance on the wind coming up from the North making for a very long and uncomfortable ride home.

Over all the fishing is holding steady.  We should start to see an increase in action if we can get a few more days with no wind.  I was supposed to go to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow and fish with two of my best clients and dear friends Kevin and Meredith Kynerd.  It is going to rain again tomorrow so we have decided to get together and just have lunch.  That is ok as they will be back in just a couple of months to chase that slab of a Rooster fish mentioned earlier.

Until next time…..Keep fishing!