Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report:Weather Cooling Off Slightly But Not The Fly Fishing

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for September 30th 2009

Written By
Jeff deBrown


Water temp.  78 – 84
Air temp. 76 -93

A nice yellow fin tuna caught while fly fishing in Baja Mexico.

Hi folks,

The past few days not much has changed here in Baja except the weather.  For the last couple of days we have been feeling the impacts of some tropical development to the South of us.  We have seen an increase in cloud cover and some wind that has been pretty stiff at times causing some decent white caps in the afternoons.  The temperature has cooled off ever so slightly but it is still plenty warm with our day time highs in the low 90’s on average.  We did not break 90 degrees yesterday with a high of 88.  It was a very pleasant day here in Baja yesterday.

On the fishing front things remain hot.  The fly fishing for tuna and dorado is as good as I have seen in a long time.  We are finding as many tuna and dorado as one could ask for in all the normal spots.  A lot of the fish are coming from our South past Cabo Pulmo.  We also continue to see good numbers of tuna outside that have been running with a few of the many schools of porpoise in the area.  The fish that have been on the porpoise have been bigger than the ones closer to shore.  Some of these tuna are big enough that a fly angler might not want to tangle with them.

The dorado fishing is spread out all over the bay.  We are finding fish to the North as well as to the South.  Some of the dorado have been singles but most of them have been in small to medium schools with an average of four to six in a school with a few schools holding as many as fifteen fish.  These fish have varied in size from ten to thirty pounds.

We do have decent numbers of bill fish in the area but just like last week, most of the anglers are not targeting them as the fishing for the tuna and dorado has been so good.  Anglers are not putting in the time to chase them.

Inside and along the beaches we continue to see good populations of bait.  With all the bait, we contiune to see good fishing for some of our inshore species such as rooster fish, jacks, and lady fish.  Most of the rooster fish are on the smaller side but we have plenty around to keep a person happy.

With the weather starting to cool off and the fishing as good as it is this is a great time to be in Baja.  If you want to see Baja fly fishing at it’s finest now is the time to be here.  We should see this hot fishing continue until the end of October if we are lucky.  If you want the up-to-date latest, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to give you the up to the minute report.  Until next time, tight lines.