Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Wind Makes Spring Fly Fishing In Baja Frustrating

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for March 17th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 74 – 76
Air temp. 55-80

Here is Scott Lenover with a small Rooster fish.  Scott and I found many Rooster fish this size as we fished together last week out of Cabo San Lucas. 

Above is Mark Mcilvaine showing off a little Gallo.

Matt Lederle and another small Rooster fish from the beach.

Mike Hergert and a Dorado we got while fishing earlier in the week.  Mike got a couple this size.

Hi folks,

Well, it is springtime here in Baja and as many of you know that means wind.  The wind over the past couple of weeks has made the fly fishing here in Baja very frustrating.  We are in our typical cycle for this time of year with a few days of very hard wind followed by a few days of flat calm seas and perfect Baja fly fishing conditions.  Last week we had a stretch of beautiful weather and no wind!  Currently it has been blowing for the past three days and is forecast to blow another couple of days before settling down.  We should see conditions improving on Thursday.  On the days we are able to get out and fish we have some pretty good action in the area.  We continue to see great fishing for Sierra from the beach as well as inshore.  We also have a good number of Rooster fish and some of them are big. 

For the past three nights in front of the hotel the Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle have been crashing the beach chasing bait and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time you have a chance at a big one.  I know of three different fish that were hooked by conventional anglers and all three fish were over thirty pounds.  I have also heard of some very nice Rooster fish being caught to our South but have not had time to check that area out.  I will be venturing down that way in the next few days to look around.

A little further off shore we still have a few Dorado in the area.  The Dorado have been in small schools with the average fish around eight pounds.  This past week I also heard of a few Tuna being found down to our South.  We continue to see Marlin off the lighthouse at 10-12 miles out.

The wind should stop in the next day or so and when it does we will be out on the water.  The fishing is improving every day and this spring is shaping up to be a great one.

Until next time….. Keep fishing!