Baja Mexico’s East Cape fishing wide open!!

Baja fly fishing update and report for September 20th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 86
Air Temperature – 70 /90

We have saw beautiful weather this past week.  We had clear skies and warm temperatures and very clam seas.  We did see a very slight ripple on the water most afternoons but it was nothing more than a very slight breeze that caused them and that breeze also made the temperatures feel great.

Inside the fishing was very good for smaller and medium sized Rooster fish with a few big Roosters showing up along some of the beaches.  We also continued to see the decent Pargo bite out in front of La Ribera with some of the fish over twenty pounds.

Offshore is as good as it gets.  We have more Dorado in the area than I have seen in a long time.  The other day captain Hector out of Rancho Leonero told me he found a log floating in the water and that the sea under and around the log was “golden with Doroado”.  The Dorado bite has been great for the last few weeks and it just seems to get better every day.  We also continue to see a lot of Yellow fin Tuna as well.  Most of the boats are fishing for the Tuna early in the morning and then going after Dorado once the early morning Tuna bite slows. We continue to see plenty of bill fish as well for those that want to chase them.