Baja’s fly fishing heating up along with the weather

Baja fly fishing update and report for the week of June 12th – 18th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 81
Air Temperature – 71 / 87

The above photo’s are of Gerry and Kitty Wiemelt from Phoenix Arizona showing off just a few of the fish they caught during the five days they spent with me this past week.

This is Jerry Darby from Still water, Minnesota. Jerry is showing off just one of the fifteen Rooster fish he caught while fishing with me this past Sunday.

Weather – we are still seeing relatively cool temperatures for Baja and this is mid June! Please do not get me wrong we are loving that it has not really started to cook down here yet. We did have some more wind this past week with Thursday the 12th being the worst. The past few days have been as perfect as they come in Baja plenty with of sun shine, no wind and very comfortable temperatures both in the evening and during the day making this a great place to be compared to what most are experiencing in one form or another across the U.S.

Beach – We have seen the Sardina return to the area giving the fish along the beach another choice in bait besides the mullet and small ballyhoo that have been up and down the beach for the past few weeks. The beach continues to produce a good number of smaller Rooster fish with a few shots at some big and very big Rooster fish for those who were in the right place at the right time. The Sargasso weed we were experiencing last week along most of the beaches is gone for the most part. We have seen a high number of jelly fish invading our beaches this past week so those of you who will be on the beach keep an eye out for them. Other than Rooster fish and jelly fish we have some very good action along the beach for Lady Fish, some very nice Jack Crevelle, and the occasional pompano.

Inshore – The inshore fishing this past week continued to provide excellent numbers of smaller Rooster fish (3-8 lbs.) along with all the lady fish action one could want. I did see a photo today of two different Rooster fish that were caught out of Kayaks and the smaller of the two was about thirty five pounds and the bigger one pushing fifty pounds. We also have some Crevelle in the area and down by Punta Colorado where the bait pangas are catching bait in the mornings it can be a grab bag of fish including Rooster fish, Crevelle, Pompano, Lady Fish, and Pargo.

Off Shore – Fishing off shore slowed slightly this past week as we had some winds outside for a couple of days making fishing difficult for those that were off shore. We have had some cooler water push in from the South driving most of the boats a little further North and a little further out in search of the scattered Marlin and Dorado in the area. Most of the fishing for Marlin and Dorado took place this past week between the light house and Punta Pescadero. The boats could be found from three to forty miles out. The big talk around the dinner table this evening was of the school of Yellow fin Tuna that were located under porpoise about twenty five miles off the light house. We have not seen many tuna this year so I hope this is a good omen for things to come over the next few weeks.