Baja’s weather getting hotter and so is the bite

Baja fly fishing update and report for the week of April 9th – 16th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 70 / 76
Air Temperature – 63 / 82

The above photo is of Katie Gellatly from Ashland Wisconsin. She and her husband Dave fished with me two days this week. This is Katie’s first ever Jack Crevelle. It was a fighter. Katie caught it on a light spinning rod and after a long fight we were able to get it landed.

Weather – This past week we have had a little of everything. Late last week we saw a couple of days of rough seas as we had wind out of the North. By Monday we were back to flat seas and beautiful weather. We have had clear skies and the day time temperatures are very comfortable. We did see a few cooler nights this past week giving us a slight chill early in the mornings but as soon as the sun got over the horizon it warmed up quickly.

Beach – The beach continues to be consistent with smaller Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle being the main targets. We are seeing a few more bigger Rooster fish but most of them have been very elusive so far. We have a very good number of bigger Jack’s(20-40 lbs.) in the area along the beaches but most of them are still in large schools and still daisy chaining making them very hard to catch.

Inshore – We still have some excellent action for large Bonita in front of the light house. Most of these fish have been between eight and fifteen pounds with some fish slightly larger. I did hear of a report of some very large Sierra that were caught in the area of Rancho Leonero. We also continue to see large schools of Jack’s and Rooster fish gathering in the deeper water just off the beach.

Off Shore – Off shore the hot spot remains between the light house and Cabo Pulmo out between fifteen and twenty miles. In this area we have had very good fishing this past week for Dorado and Marlin. The Dorado are of decent size with the average being about fifteen pounds with some bigger fish up to thirty five pounds mixed in. We have good numbers of Marlin in this area due to the large numbers of squid that are in this area as well. The boats are seeing good numbers of Marlin but only getting on average one or two each day hooked up. I do know of one boat that went out this week and had six marlin come up at the same time so the chance for some real excitement is their.