Big Roosters On The Beach – Marlin on The Outside.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 69

High: 96

July 27

Hi All,

This last week things definitely picked up on the beaches. The roosters are still picky and you have to present the fly correctly and they will eat. We are still seeing some rooster fish spawning, so again just keep fishing hard and you might get lucky.

The photos are of Clinton Issac from Australia. Clinton got two fantastic rooster fish off the beach recently and we had a blast. I had a great time with him and we even took a day off to play golf.


Jim Troyer had many good roosters chase, plus a few eats, but he could not get one to stay hooked up. We had fun and the experience was great. He did get this nice Jack that is pictured here.

Jack Client

As far as outside goes the fishing remains pretty good. The Marlin bite has slowed down a little but there are still plenty of fish to make it interesting.

We also have scattered dorado and they are all big fish! We are not seeing any schooling dorado but the ones we are seeing are
big. The tuna have been on one day and off the next. You need to find the right school of porpoise. Many schools of porpoise are holding tuna,but they are not all eating every day. You need to be one of the first boats on the school to see great numbers.

Tight lines,