Cabo is Fishing Incredibly Well!

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 56
High: 84

Week of  January 12th.

The fishing in Cabo is really good at the moment. Our clients are happy and along the shore there are A LOT of big jacks! Schools of 50-150 fish are cruising the beaches displaying spawning rituals. However, if you can find the right group they willing to eat a fly. We threw to maybe 30 different schools the other day and most of them didn’t respond, but about 5 schools did!

January Snapper

It was really exciting and these are aggressive fish and BIG. Size range is in the 20 – 40 pound range. A little closer to shore there are also some scattered smaller jacks and roosters in the 5-10 pound range. We also found the first big schools of Sierra this week in Cabo.


Sierra were on the small to medium size and very willing to bite and we caught them both deep, plus on top water flies as well. Found a few snapper this week as well although last week we had plenty of snapper around, but as few as we saw they are really fun to hook up with on the fly. Off shore in Cabo there is a few scattered dorado and plenty of marlin. The marlin in front of the light house are staying deep, but If you want to fly fish for them you need to run out to the Golden Gate Bank for some action.


Rod bent


Here on the East Cape the weather was beautiful with no wind and calm conditions and we have very good schools of sardines along the shore. On the nice days there are some roosters and Sierra pushing the bait and feeding in the mornings. The wind is starting to come back up today and it is forecast to blow for the next few days… So, if you are in the East Cape I suggest you get up early and try and get a little fishing in before the winds kick up around 9 or 10 am.

If anyone has any questions regarding trips don’t hesitate to call.

Tight lines,