Close to shore remains your best chance

Baja Mexico fly fishing report for the week of February 9th – 16th

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 62/68
Air temperatures – 45/78

I am writing this report from Scottsdale, Arizona. I am on a vacation with my wife and son and this is thier first time to the states after recieving their visas that allow them to travel out of Mexico. It has been a great experience so far and on Wednesaday of next week we are headed over to Disneyland and they are both looking forward to that. We will return to Mexico on the 26th of February. Let me see if I can’t get you all up to speed on what was happening before I left Baja last Thrusday. It was beautiful when I left. We had had three nice days in a row with no wind and the fishing close to shore remained quite good for this time of year. We had a good sierra bite once again after it had dropped off for a short time late last week. We also still have a fair number of Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle in the area as well. The White Bonita are still putting on a good showing with some of them in the eight to ten pound class. Further to the North we have seen a fair number of Yellow tail as they make their migration North towards the islands and La Paz. If you get a chance to fly fish from the beach or close to shore in the near future and the wind cooperates I believe it will be time well spent.