December begins with wide open fly fishing for marlin

Fighting a fly caught marlin while fishing with @thereelbaja

Hi everyone,

As we finish up our marlin season in mag bay and start our season in Cabo we would like to thank everyone who spent time with us this year in Magdalena Bay. It was an incredible season with great action but it’s time to move to Cabo as the action has slid to the South and is currently located on the finger bank. The action there right now is indescribable. It’s wide open. 

Marlin release while fly fishing with @thereelbaja

We fished the finger bank this past week and had fantastic action.  There are so many fish there currently it’s crazy. We didn’t put a teaser in the water all week. We strictly were sight fishing to marlin under the bait balls. If you have never done this there is nothing like it in fly fishing. In the days we fished the finger this week we averaged between 20 and 30 bites per day. We didn’t hook every fish obviously and lost quite a few after playing them for a while but we managed to land between six and ten fish a day. It is unreal how many fish are there currently. The fish will be in this area for the next few weeks giving anglers opportunity. 

Marlin on the fly in Baja Mexico @thereelbaja

We also spent a day closer to shore in Cabo and caught a variety of fish like blue trevally, Jacks, small roosters, and dorado. If the wind doesn’t allow to go offshore there is plenty of good fishing near shore currently. 

Blue Trevally caught on fly with @reelbaja

Back in the East Cape the North winds have started so picking your fishing days is important.  We are still seeing some decent action for dorado as well as some good jigging opportunities.  Again you need to look at the forecast and plan your days as the wind has started. Good thing is when the wind blows in the East Cape we can always escape to Cabo. 

Until next time we wish everyone good fishing and a great holiday season.