Fantastic Fishing-Cabo is Producing

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 59
High: 81

Week of  January 5th

Hi All,

Fished Cabo all this week and it’s going very well. Overall, the weather has been great and we only had a few cold mornings. The sardina have finally shown up and this is one of the better years we are seeing this amount of sardina around! This of course is helping out the fishing and we are not complaining.

January rooster

I’ve had my clients out on the boat all week and we have found tons of small roosters and jacks. The snapper bite has been fantastic and we broke off several this week in Cabo while trying to get them to the boat. There are also some scattered dorado around and if you look for them you will find some quality fish. Mag Bay has not seen much activity and your best bet will be in the mangroves.

January Jack

East Cape: The East Cape has seen some wind and there are some days that we can get out on the water, but overall our focus has been in Cabo out of the wind.

January Snapper

On the calmer days there are some boats heading out and they are catching a few nice size dorado. The beach at first light is seeing sierra but as soon as the suns up it’s pretty much done. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call for trip updates and availability.

Tight lines,