Fishing here in the East Cape has been amazing!

Fishing here in the East Cape has been fair from the beaches. However, there are some great roosters and jacks off the beach, but shots are few and far in between with 2-3 shots per day, plus the water is a bit off color due to afternoon showers making beach fishing tough..

Rooster Fishing Baja

On the outside fishing has been pretty good. We have been finding schools of roosters in the 5-7 pound range on bait which has kept things interesting. Sail fish are scattered around as well and several boats have found some great fish.

bent rod

Lastย week we have some tuna show up down south, however it’s a two hour boat ride so we opted to stay local and focus on the inshore. We will have a new report up shortly updating on the conditions and if anyone has questions regarding trips or conditions please feel free to call us.

Tight lines