Fly fishing action in Magdalena Bay is off to a great start

Hello everyone,

We just finished up our second group of the season in Magdalena Bay and the fly fishing action is off to a great start.

The first week we had some wind that prevented us from getting outside and into the blue water. We fished the bay for the first three days. We had good catches of grouper, red snapper, corvina, and a few juvenile snook.

We were able to get out into the blue water the last couple days of last week. We found very good action for dorado and tuna. The dorado on average were between eight and about fifteen pounds. We found schools both around bouys as schools that were free swimming. Once the first fish was hooked and close to the boat the rest of the school would follow giving us some nice fish to cast to. At one stop we didn’t move for quite some time as we had a fish almost every cast.

Along with the dorado we found some nice yellowfin tuna as well as big schools of white Bonita. These kept us plenty busy between dorado schools. The tuna were of good size averaging about twenty pounds but we saw and unfortunately broke off some much much larger.

The water temperature is quite warm with the average temperature being about 81 degrees. The waters were blue overall but we did see a slight change and some light green water move in for a couple days but eventually turned blue again after a couple days.

We stayed to the North most of the week. We saw a few marlin but we were not really looking for them. I have a report they are starting to school up a little further south. I will be headed South this week to see if we can’t locate them.

The past four days of fishing were a repeat of the first group. We had an amazing group of guys who were clients and anglers from AZ Fly Shop. They were also blessed with lots of dorado and tuna. We were able to go offshore on three of the four days. On the one day we couldn’t get outside they were treated to lots of snapper and grouper in the mangroves. We caught them on both fly as well as light tackle.

We will have the next couple days off and then welcome our next group. We will be sure to let you know how we do. If you’re interested in fishing Magdalena Bay with us please contact us as we are happy to answer any questions you have about this amazing fishery. Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.