Fly fishing Baja – Tuna and sailfish take center stage

Baja fly fishing update and report for October 4th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 73 / 86
Air Temperature – 71 /92

This is Mike Goodrich from Erie, PA.  Mike along with Captain Victor are showing off a very nice sailfish that mike caught while fishing with me out of Cabo San Lucas this past week.

Weather –  The weather this past week was in a word HOT!!  We had no wind to speak of and the seas were very flat all week.  It looks as if we will have these same conditions for the next few days.  We do have a tropical cell below us.  We are keeping an eye on it but it looks as if we will see no problems from the cell.

Beach – Once again this week if you found the bait you found the fish.  We have bait scattered up and down most of the beaches.  If you find the bait you are most likely to encounter some smaller rooster fish good numbers of  lady fish and a few jacks mixed in.  We do have some larger rooster fish in the area and most of the shots for the big ones has been right place, right time as of late.

Inshore – This past week the inshore fishing continued with a few bigger rooster fish and jacks.  Once again in front of any of the hotels was a good place to look for a variety of game fish including rooster fish, jacks, lady fish and pompano.

Off Shore – We saw a little better bite this week for the off shore species.  Tuna were the main catch along with sailfish.  We have a lot of sailfish in the area about twenty miles out on a sixty degree heading.  Most of the boat were catching at least two or three fish with some of them landing double digit numbers of sailfish.  The dorado bit continues with fish scattered from the light house down to the South about as far as you want to go.