Fly fishing Baja Tuna or Dorado take your pick

Baja fly fishing update and report for August 29th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 87
Air Temperature – 75 /98

This is my good friend John Rohmer, owner of Arizona fly fishing showing off one of the many Rooster fish he caught while hosting a group with me.

Weather – We saw the passing of tropical storm Julio a few days ago.  Julio brought us about three inches of rain and a little wind and passed over us very quickly leaving us with bright sunny skies and flat calm seas.  Some afternoons we are experiencing some rain showers in the mountains with some of that moisture reaching us here along the coast if we are lucky.  Other wise it is a lot of sun and hot temperatures.

Beach – The beach was very difficult to fish for a couple of days after the storm as the water was quite stirred up and off color.  I am happy to report we are back to normal water conditions along the beaches.  The fishing along the beach has been fair for smaller Rooster fish and small jacks with a pretty good showing of Pompano and Lady fish mixed in as well.  We still have huge numbers Needle fish along the beaches as well making it very difficult to blind fish along the beaches as every cast is getting the attention of needle fish.  If you are willing to fight through a few lost flies and frayed tippets due to Needle fish the Rooster fish and Jacks and Pompano await.

Inshore –  I have heard of some pretty good action on conventional gear for some very nice Pargo that are out in front of La Ribera.  Other than that everyone is concentrating on the Tuna and Dorado bit that has really heated up in the last couple of days.

Off Shore – The bite for Tuna, Black Skipjack and Dorado that we have been experiencing over the past few weeks has exploded over the past few days.  Once tropical storm Julio left the area and the water calmed down the bite has just gotten better.  The past few days have seemed to be the best with plenty of tuna for everyone and we have seen a big influx of Dorado since the storm as well.  While most of the Tuna are still on the small side between five and ten pounds we are starting to see some bigger fish between twenty five and thirty pounds as well.  The Dorado have been mixed in with the Tuna and most of them have been schoolie size fish with a few bigger fish mixed in.