Fly fishing for Marlin slowing down in Magdalena Bay but on fire at the finger bank

Hi folks,

If you want to fly fish for marlin then the finger bank is the place to be. We saw a lot of change this past week in the weather as well as the fishing in Magdalena Bay. The weather has turned cold in the Magdalena Bay Area with very chilly and damp mornings and some windy and crisp afternoons. 

The fly fishing for marlin is slowing down in Magdalena bay but is on fire further South towards Cabo on the finger bank. These fish have been there for a few weeks and itโ€™s been non stop action.

Fly caught marlin in Magdalena bay fishing with The Reel Baja

The water in Magdalena Bay changed this past week with cold water pushing down from the North .  We saw the water drop from 77.3 degrees to 72.6 – 73.5 in the areas we have been fishing for marlin. This cold water has pushed the marlin further to the South by about 25 to 30 miles. 

Marlin hooked on a fly in Baja Mexico while fishing with The Reel Baja

There is warm water is on the finger and the marlin have been thick in this area the past few weeks giving anglers all they want if looking for marlin on the fly. Eventually everything will end up being located from the finger bank further south towards the banks of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose.  Some of these banks include the golden gate and the 1150. 

Even though there are still a few fish on the banks in Magdalena Bay I will be moving my guests this week to the finger bank and we are excited to hopefully be a part of the major action that has been going on There. ย We had the same action they are currently seeing on the finger for the past two months here in Magdalena bay but itโ€™s sliding south at a fast rate it seems. Again there are still some fish and some action in Magdalena bay but the finger bank and the fishing to the south is currently much better.

If youโ€™re not looking for marlin specifically in Magdalena bay then you have plenty of other options if your going offshore. Weโ€™ve had some good fly fishing for Dorado under the shark bouys last week as well as some action for tuna. There are still some wahoo in the area as well as yellow tail that are starting to show.ย 

Dorado on the fly while fishing with The Reel Baja

If your looking to stay inside and fish the mangroves then your going to have good action for grouper, snapper, corvina, small snook just to name a few. We had one angler this past week catch seven different species in a single day. He caught all the previous species mentioned as well as bone fish, pompano, and trigger fish. We have also been seeing some yellowtail as well as some roosters in the entrada of San Carlos as well as Tosca. 

I will be sure to let everyone know how we do a little further south this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and we will be sure to let you know how our thanksgiving trip to the finger bank goes. 

Until next time we wish everyone good fishing. Have a great holiday.